Things I’ve made trying to make a positive impact in the world.

A collection of projects I’ve worked on over the years.

  • behale

    Live since 2022

    A wellness productivity app to help people prioritize their physical and mental well-being, week after week. We have 500+ MAU with 1,000+ hours of activity completed.

    Behavior ChangeWellnessA.I.

  • Torneio

    Live since 2018

    An innovation management platform tailored to large organizations with 2K+ users and 10K+ innovative ideas submitted used by world-class business schools like INSEAD and Georgetown.

    InnovationSaaS2K+ users

  • E-CartoMobile

    Live since June 2023

    An open-source tool to promote and plan electric mobility in France with open data. I only built the front-end and UX; the real work was done by the amazing team. Built with support of Latitudes, in Data For Good (FR)'s Batch 11.

    Open SourceData For GoodUX/UI

  • An AI-powered tool to assess your flexibility using a webcam. It's been used by hundreds of people to test their flexibility.

    BetaComputer Vision

  • Course GPT

    Coming Soon

    A personalized programming course tool to help aspiring coders learn while building their favorite project. Building it with @Norbo11.

  • CAP


    A financial literacy platform to make savings and investment open and accessible to all Brazilians. Built with Ernesto Solis.

    Behavior ChangeFinancial Literacy

  • pydemic


    A Python library for early estimation of mortality rates of rising epidemics with a focus on COVID-19. It's powered by MCMC and Bayesian Optimization techniques.

    Bayesian OptimizationResearch

  • An NLP project to cluster academic papers based on their abstracts. It uses a combination of TF-IDF, GloVe, and K-Means to cluster papers.